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  • Sony Has A New Feature Coming For The PS4 That's Going Bury The Xbox One
    Amid all the exciting announcements coming out of last weeks Gamescom trade show in Cologne, Germany, Sony announced a handful of new features coming in its 2.0 firmware for the PlayStation 4.
    And while firmware is rarely anything to get excited about, this particular update is different because it will effectively help Sony put distance between itself and Microsofts Xbox One.

  • The Order: 1886 Is Incredibly Terrible So Far
    WhatIfGaming writes: "A disclaimer: no I did not play the full game, and no the final product is not out. Obviously it is not good to judge a title permanently until the final product (Watch Dogs) and it is good not to follow unwarranted hype either due to fancy CG/Real-Game Trailers."

  • Uncharted 4s Nathan Drake Looks Different, Now Looks a Lot Like a Certain Actor
    With each iteration of Uncharted, Nathan Drake appears to looks slightly different. He originally was compared with Nathan Fillion, leading to rumours (or more like hopes) that the Firefly actor would eventually play the treasure hunter and adventurer Nathan Drake in a movie. However, in Uncharted 4, Nathan Drake looks like a different person yet again, and he looks more like a famous Hollywood actor. Could Naughty Dog have done the same thing they did with The Last of Us and accidentally create a main character that looks like a real life actor?

  • How New PS4 2.0 Update Could Make You Rich
    "During PS4's press event at E3 last year, Sony talked of a ground breaking concept that will radically change the way we play video games forever and at Gamescom14, we discovered just how lucrative this new feature could be for both Sony and Gamers."

  • New Silent Hills Gif With Brightness Turned Up Shows Power of Fox Engine on PS4, Looks Scary & Real
    GP: At GamesCom 2014, Kojima admitted that he deliberately toned down the graphics in the game, also worth noting is that the amount of different video formats compression this GIF went through, a fair amount of quality would have been lost, and this means in-game this sequence looks even better.

  • H1Z1 Officially Announced For The PS4, Over An Hour Of New Footage
    MP1st - Though SOE has stated multiple times already that they were planning on bringing it to the PS4, today, during their live SOE event, they confirmed that the title is indeed coming to the PS4.

  • Themes coming to PS4 with Update 2.0
    The feature-packed System Software update 2.0 will bring themes to the PlayStation 4.

  • The Division Xbox One GamesCom Demo "Jaw Dropping, Solid Gameplay, Went From Dashboard To In-Game
    The first impression of Tom Clancy's The Division Xbox One GamesCom 2014 behind the closed door demo and insider information on DirectX 12 and more.

  • 1080p will come to Xbox One games, but at a cost
    It's a magical bullet point on a list of features that proves that your game is next-generation, and there are groups of players online who sneer at anything that can't quite hit that goal.

    Diablo 3 on the Xbox One, for instance, couldn't quite get there. The original response was to drop the resolution down to 900p and keep the frame rate. A smooth game, many would argue, is worth sacrificing a few lines of resolution. The problem is that this solution created a PR problem for Microsoft, a company that is scared of consumers seeing the Xbox One as a less-powerful console compared to the PlayStation 4.

  • Cancelling EA Access already?
    EA Access launched just about a week ago, but thanks to lack of content and some rather strange decisions, the service has stumbled out of the gate.

| Date published: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 02:45:52 -0500
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