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  • Developer Rachel Byrk Commits Suicide After Months of Cyber Bullying
    On April 23 prominent game developer Rachel Byrk committed suicide following months of cyber-bullying telling her to jump from a bridge. Byrk, suffered constant abuse for being transgendered from the gaming communities she was a part of.

    Before her death she made huge contributions to the Gamecube and Wii emulator community. Doing work for Dolphin to improve the system all around.

  • P.T. May Have Contained a Message from Hideo Kojima That Konami Would Remove Him From Silent Hills
    CraveOnline: "The now-cancelled Silent Hills playable teaser P.T. may have contained a message from Hideo Kojima that the project wasnt destined to hit store shelves."

  • Video Game deals this weekend (5/2) from Amazon & others (US)
    May the fourth is coming soon, and videogame retailers are getting ready, with Starwars deals on Amazon, Steam, PSN, etc.

    Amazon have a free ebook today about Retro Gaming, it's nerdy and awesome!

    GameDealDaily have the Last of Us Remastered for PS4 at $12.75. A new Weekly Humble Bundle is here, this week pay what you want for FarSky, Race the sun and other cool games. Persona4 Arena Ultimax is $20.46 for PS3 on amazon, Ys Chronicles 1 is out on android for $4.99, and more going on this weekend.

  • PlayStation Plus in May: Ether One, Hohokum, Murasaki Baby, more
    PS Blog:
    Guacamelee!, The Unfinished Swan and Race the Sun also join the service.

    Its that time of the month again! Thats right, a fresh batch of PlayStation Plus games are just seven days away, so if you havent already done so make sure you pick up all of Aprils goodies before they disappear.

    Without further ado, lets crack on with the great games coming your way on 6th May:

  • Check Out Over Three Hours of Gameplay of PS4 Exclusive Kill Strain by Sony San Diego
    Sony San Diego has been working hard on the free to play PS4 exclusive action game Kill Strain, and recently they held several livestream showing a lot of gameplay.

  • Indie Developer Asked Notch to Give Her Money and the Minecraft Creator Wasnt Happy About It
    CraveOnline: "As one of the greatest success stories in the history of video games, Minecraft creator Markus Persson, better known as Notch, has also attracted his fair share of criticism. That criticism mostly revolves around his decision to not make a successor to Minecraft, and instead disappear into a $70 million mansion in Beverly Hills. But why shouldnt he?"

  • The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Final Build vs. Pre-Release Trailer Comparison
    GearNuke: "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is just a few weeks away from its official release now. It is currently being previewed by various media outlets and as the game went gold a few weeks ago, we are also getting to see more footage from the final build of the game."

  • God of War III Remastered for PS4 Gets New Screenshots in Shiny 1080p
    Today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia sent a press release announcing the Japanese release of God of War III Remastered (which will hit the local shelves two days after North America, on June 16th), and besides the first batch of screenshots included in the initial announcement, it had two new ones.

  • Video Game Deals of the week 4/29 Update from Amazon & others (US)
    Amazon and other retailers have updated their weekly selection of video game deals as reach the middle of the week. eBay have the PS4 + The Last Of Us bundle for $349.99. For the same price, you can snatch an Xbox One Assassin's Creed bundle + NBA 2K15 + 12 Month of Gold membership at Amazon.

    Amazon are also doing a widespread discount on Disney Infinity figures, including starter packs, if you're into those or you and your kids want to get started with the collectibles frenzy. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is available for preorder this week, with exclusive access to the Multiplayer Beta.

    Those of you looking for a convenient charger for their controllers are lucky: Amazon are doing a sale on both a PS4 charging station and an Xbox One charging Station. The humble Bundle Might & Magic also just started with 2 weeks to go.

  • PlayStation Store Golden Week Sale Offers 122 Japanese Games With Up To 70% Discount
    GearNuke: "PlayStation Store in US has a massive sale this week introducing popular Japanese games like Metal Gear Solid, Demon's Souls, Resident Evil and much more."

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